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How to Stay Safe From COVID-19 This Thanksgiving

Staying home is the best means of protecting yourself this Thanksgiving, but many will still feel the pull to travel, host and gather with family. Here are a few helpful resources for making those plans safer.

Vanderbilt Health Experts Advise Battling the 'Twindemic' With a Flu Vaccination

This fall, Americans are facing a double-whammy when it comes to their health: an unpredictable flu season coupled with the continuing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Vanderbilt Health experts are here to help with answers to questions about influenza as well as advice on why a flu shot is your best means of protection.

Why It’s Vital to Schedule Preventive Screenings

Fears of COVID-19 have made many patients hesitant to go to the doctor for key preventive screenings. This break in access to care will have far-reaching consequences: National Cancer Institute models show the potential for as many cancer-related deaths as COVID-19 in the next five years.