MyHealth Bundles Patient Navigators Streamline the Care Journey

Navigating a healthcare system can be a complicated and overwhelming process. Vanderbilt’s MyHealth Bundles team is challenging that status quo with its team of dedicated patient navigators: Bri Yip, Rachel Harris and Flavia Atkins.

Every MyHealth Bundles patient has access to a navigator who streamlines what could be a complex care journey. Though they are not clinicians, patient navigators wear a variety of hats to ensure every patient receives concierge-level support and service throughout their time in the MyHealth Bundles program.

Here are a few of their roles and responsibilities:

Educator. Patient navigators begin by conducting phone consultations with prospective patients to educate patients on the bundle they’re interested in and answer questions. Navigators then conduct eligibility screenings and begin the enrollment process if the patient qualifies. The navigators also stay up to date on changes in each bundle and clarify those revisions for patients so that they’re clearly understood.

Coordinator. Once patients are accepted into the bundles program, the navigators serve as a primary point of contact and coordinator for all their non-clinical needs. The navigators help patients manage their various visits, from booking initial doctor’s appointments to scheduling follow-up visits, ensuring a continuation of care that leads to better health outcomes.

Guide. Navigators provide maps and FAQ documents to help patients easily find their providers and overcome any barriers to care. They’re also a center of knowledge for details on participating clinics and facilities.

Supporter. Patient navigators track each patient through the process and provide them with appropriate updates to support them at each stage of their bundles journey. Navigators are easily accessible and can be reached through a variety of channels, such as phone calls, My Health at Vanderbilt messages and email. 

Whether they are enrolling a new MyHealth Bundles patient or scheduling a post-op visit for a current patient, Vanderbilt Health’s patient navigators are positively changing the way patients experience care.

See the patient navigators' profiles here, and read a Q&A with Bri and Rachel on an earlier post.

Clockwise from top left: Vanderbilt’s MyHealth Bundles team of Bri Yip, Flavia Atkins and Rachel Harris