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Why It’s Vital to Schedule Preventive Screenings

Fears of COVID-19 have made many patients hesitant to go to the doctor for key preventive screenings. This break in access to care will have far-reaching consequences: National Cancer Institute models show the potential for as many cancer-related deaths as COVID-19 in the next five years.

How to Vote Safely During COVID-19

In a new Vanderbilt Health video, VUMC infectious disease expert David Aronoff, MD, gives some practical tips on voting safely during the pandemic.

Beat Back Zoom Fatigue

Encourage your employees to stay connected while not becoming overwhelmed by the demands of virtual communication.

Drive-Through Flu Events Offer Safety & Convenience for Employees

The Employer Solutions’ Corporate Health and Wellness team has developed a drive-through system that has successfully delivered the flu vaccine to more than 600 employees—and counting. The innovative model is one of the ways Vanderbilt Health is delivering preventive care while keeping the community safe in a pandemic.