A Step Beyond: Corporate Health and Wellness Team Helps Employee Regain Freedom

The Vanderbilt Corporate Health and Wellness team regularly visit clients to deliver health and wellness presentations, conduct health screenings and provide B-12, COVID-19, flu and other shots as needed. Employees often ask the Vanderbilt team for answers to their health questions and for guidance on their medical issues, which builds trust over time.

That trust enabled Liz Jordan, a member of the accounting staff at Irving Materials, a building materials supplier, to ask for help with a unique challenge. Four years prior, complications from surgery caused Jordan to develop foot drop in her right foot, preventing her from driving.

As soon as the team heard her plight, they made connections to get her car retrofitted, train her to drive with her left foot and reclaim her independence. Jordan praises Jill Brewster, RN, BSN, TTS, CHC, lead program manager at Corporate Health and Wellness, for getting the process started, as well as Melissa Ericson, senior administrative assistant, for connecting her with Pi Beta Phi Outpatient Rehab and Chris Bargatze with Mobility Works, who modified her car for left-foot driving.

"It's wonderful. I'm so happy to be free again," said the Nashville native. "I have a very dear friend who has been driving me around for years. She couldn’t be happier. My kids are happy about it," Jordan continued.

"The only thing I am not happy about is I’m expected to go to Kroger now."

Liz Jordan is driving again, thanks to help from the Vanderbilt Corporate Health and Wellness team.