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Event Preview: Innovation in Medical Plan Design and Cost Savings

The COVID-19 pandemic put everything on pause, but now employers are beginning to restart their businesses and develop recovery strategies for 2021. Part of that planning includes taking a hard look at health benefits for their employees—and considering options to regain control over costs.

'Turning the Lights Back On With a Dimmer Switch': Recap of the Back-to-Work Safety for Employers Webinar

The Vanderbilt Health Employer Solutions team hosted a live Q and A webinar on Back-to-Work Safety for Employers on May 7. David Aronoff, MD, Addison B. Scoville Chair in Medicine and Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, provided relevant, timely information to help you ensure your reestablished business remains a healthy work environment.

6 Guidelines for Developing a Return-to-Work Plan

Just as VUMC is making plans to reintroduce some services, we know that employers are working hard on plans to reopen shuttered aspects of their businesses. Here are a few resources to ensure your reestablished business remains a healthy work environment.

COVID-19: Safety First When Planning Ahead

As much as we’re proud of our work treating and researching COVID-19, we’re eager to return to meeting all of the healthcare needs of our region as soon as it is safe for our employees, patients and community. The flattening curve is a sign that we can start planning ahead—with safety as our cornerstone.

AllianceBernstein Partners with VUMC Psychologist for Mental Health Podcast Series

Employers have played an important public health role during COVID-19 by being megaphones for accurate and timely information about the pandemic with their employees and families. One area business leader, AllianceBernstein, recently partnered with Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) to share strategies for overcoming mental health challenges that employees may be facing during the pandemic.

Strategies for Keeping Employees Healthier at Home

Managing a remote workforce can have its challenges, but it also creates an opportunity to positively affect the health of your workforce where it starts—in the home. While your employees are sheltering and spending more time in their homes, Vanderbilt Health Employer Solutions has assembled tips and tricks to help you build healthy habits among your employees to strengthen them mentally and physically.

COVID-19: Signs of Hope But Vigilance Remains Essential

The latest statistics show signs of hope for our region, but vigilance is still needed to slow the rate of COVID-19 infection. Here's the latest on testing information, guidance for employees who might be at higher risk of infection and ways to help frontline workers.

Resources for Boosting Mental and Physical Resiliency

As social distancing and shelter-in-place guidelines extend throughout the state and nation, we’re realizing that facing the challenge of COVID-19 will be like running a marathon, requiring mental and physical resiliency. To help equip your workforce during these uncertain times, we’ve collected practical health and wellness tips from experts throughout Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC).

Ways to Encourage Workforce Adoption of Telehealth

There’s no question that telehealth is a more efficient and equally effective way to receive care, and—especially in the current environment—it also reduces exposure to coronavirus and the risk of acquiring COVID-19. The real question is: How can employers support the use of telehealth among employees now to ensure this technology will be used in the future? Here are four tips for encouraging your workforce to adopt telehealth and start taking advantage of its benefits.