After MyOrthoHealth Patient's Hip Replacement, She’s Ready to Dance

Lynn Garrett’s son is about to get married, and she is looking forward to the mother/son dance at the reception. But in early 2022, she was afraid that her hips would not allow it.

“It was constant pain daily,” said Garrett, who is an assistant director of research and administration at Vanderbilt’s Institute for Medicine and Public Health. “I did not have the quality of life to which I was accustomed. It prevented me from exercising and enjoying outside activities. I did not feel like my normal self.”

Garrett had always been active, playing basketball at Motlow State and the University of Memphis. When the pain first appeared, she thought it was from the strain basketball put on her knees. “I was always told I would feel that later in life,” she said. “I noticed it going up and down stairs.”

Over a period of five years, the pain had gotten progressively worse. After chiropractor visits and alignments, she finally went to the doctor and found out that the problem was arthritis and bone spurs in her hips.

From emails she received at work, she had heard about MyOrthoHealth, which “bundles” all the services needed to successfully address shoulder, hip and knee pain. “I started making phone calls and learned about the features and how they guided you through the entire process.”

The bundles experience is streamlined with the help of a personal patient navigator, who answers questions, schedules appointments and ensures patients receive the right level of care.

“The navigator was very helpful and very patient,” she said. “I like to do research and had lots of questions. She guided me, and I appreciated that.”

Garrett also found out that she would not have to pay any out-of-pocket charges. “You can’t beat that, considering what costs are now for care,” she said. “Why not take advantage of it?”

She had her first surgery in April 2022, and the second later that year in December. Her recovery included physical therapy, conveniently offered online.

“Now I can do everything,” said Garrett, who has recommended the program to five people, two of whom have already scheduled surgery. “I can truly enjoy my grandchildren and go to all their sports activities without fearing walking up and down bleachers. I can walk at the zoo or on trails and not feel I must stop and sit down. I feel like my life is back.”

And, she adds, “I’ll be able to do the mother/son dance at my only son’s wedding.”

After her hip replacement, Lynn Garrett can walk on trails without pain and go to her grandchildren's sports activities without fearing walking up and down bleachers. "I feel like my life is back.”