When It Came to VUMC Employee's Knee Replacement, ‘Free Was Key’

When Scott McLauren needed a knee replacement, there were many reasons he selected the MyOrthoHealth Bundle from Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC)—world-class care, concierge service and more. But one advantage was particularly persuasive.

“Free was key,” he said.

MyOrthoHealth “bundles” all the services needed successfully address shoulder, hip and knee pain, while ensuring appropriate care and a faster return to life and work. The bundle efficiently provides everything patients need for a successful outcome—and McLauren did not have to pay any out-of-pocket costs.

“I was familiar with the program and the great outcomes, so I wanted to take advantage of that benefit,” said McLauren, an occupational therapist at VUMC. “This was a win/win.”

McLauren’s knee had gotten so bad that it was limiting his participation in activities he loved to do, such as hiking with his son and cycling. “I had trouble descending stairs and I wasn’t able to sit in confined spaces, like at sports events, concerts and church,” he said. “I needed a lot of leg room to keep my leg extended.”

Over the course of the surgery and recovery, McLauren was supported by his personal patient navigator, who explained the details, scheduled appointments and answered his questions.

“Communication and follow up were great,” he said. “The navigator took care of things behind the scenes. She reassured me that if I ever received a bill, she’d take care of it.”

McLauren called the entire experience “seamless.”

“From the navigator’s first call setting up surgery and appointments, to the day of surgery, to follow up from navigator, they all mirrored each other and were consistently good,” he said. “Honestly, I didn’t worry about a thing. Talk about full concierge service, that’s what it was.”

Today, Scott is back to hiking with his son. “I haven’t had a single problem; even up and down hilly terrain, there’s no pain,” he said. “And my cycling times almost mimic times from 10 years ago, and I’m 54. It has a ton to do with getting my range of motion back.”

To those considering the MyOrthoHealth Bundle, McLauren says, “Don’t wait. If you do nothing, you’re not going to get any better. And I promise, it’s the easiest thing you can do.”


Scott McLauren’s knee had gotten so bad that it was limiting his participation in activities he loved to do, such as hiking and cycling. Today, after the knee replacement with the MyOrthoBundle, he's back to hiking with his son, and his cycling times are close to times from 10 years ago.