COVID-19 Resources to Boost the Health and Wellness of Your Workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges to our nation over the past month, and it is often hard to control the firehose of information. The Vanderbilt Health Employer Solutions team has worked to narrow that flood by providing credible resources to our employer partners targeted to their employees’ health and wellness.

Our guidance has included advice on:

• promoting the health and safety of your workforce

strengthening emotional health during this time of high anxiety

• preparing the workplace for the realities of COVID-19

• navigating legislation related to HR issues and small-business assistance, and

advancing telehealth solutions.

On March 13, the Employer Solutions team hosted a well-attended virtual Q&A with Dr. Mary-Margaret Fill, medical epidemiologist and leader for Communicable and Environmental Diseases and Emergency Preparedness for the Tennessee Department of Health; Dr. Tom Talbot, senior leader for COVID-19 response efforts at VUMC; and Dr. Lori Rolando, member of the COVID-19 internal advisory team at VUMC. (Find a video of that webinar and a transcript here.)

We’ve also compiled a special COVID-19 toolkit filled with recommendations to help employers identify, mitigate and manage COVID-19 in your workforce. These recommendations include employee screening recommendations, guidance on supporting exposed employees and mitigating the risk to the rest of your workforce and protecting pregnant employees.