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COVID-19: Signs of Hope But Vigilance Remains Essential

The latest statistics show signs of hope for our region, but vigilance is still needed to slow the rate of COVID-19 infection. Here's the latest on testing information, guidance for employees who might be at higher risk of infection and ways to help frontline workers.

Resources for Boosting Mental and Physical Resiliency

As social distancing and shelter-in-place guidelines extend throughout the state and nation, we’re realizing that facing the challenge of COVID-19 will be like running a marathon, requiring mental and physical resiliency. To help equip your workforce during these uncertain times, we’ve collected practical health and wellness tips from experts throughout Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC).

Ways to Encourage Workforce Adoption of Telehealth

There’s no question that telehealth is a more efficient and equally effective way to receive care, and—especially in the current environment—it also reduces exposure to coronavirus and the risk of acquiring COVID-19. The real question is: How can employers support the use of telehealth among employees now to ensure this technology will be used in the future? Here are four tips for encouraging your workforce to adopt telehealth and start taking advantage of its benefits.

COVID-19 Resources to Boost the Health and Wellness of Your Workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges to our nation over the past month, and it is often hard to control the firehose of information. The Vanderbilt Health Employer Solutions team has worked to narrow that flood by providing credible resources to our employer partners targeted to their employees’ health and wellness.

Bringing Top-Notch Care to More Tennesseans

Despite the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, Vanderbilt Health remains committed to its growth and expansion plans throughout the region. Check out two exciting new developments aimed at offering Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC)’s high-quality care to greater numbers of Middle Tennessee residents.  

How to Identify, Mitigate and Manage COVID-19 in Your Workforce

With COVID-19 spreading rapidly across the nation and region, it is increasingly likely that coronavirus exposure will occur in your workforce. Here are a few ways you and your employees can prepare and respond in accordance with the best information available today.

Innovation at the Forefront

As we work to keep you current on the latest employer-related COVID-19 news, the Vanderbilt Health Employer Solutions team wanted to make you aware of four recent developments.

Employer Resources to Help Combat COVID-19 Anxiety

Vanderbilt Health Employer Solutions realizes that you and your employees are experiencing tremendous stress concerning the coronavirus/COVID-19. Because accurate information and preparation are powerful tools in strengthening emotional health, we wanted to share the following resources to help you and your teams combat anxiety.

Live Q&A COVID-19 Recording and Resources

To follow up to the live Q and A for employers on COVID-19 earlier today, the Vanderbilt Health Employer Solutions team want to give a special thank you to our speakers who provided relevant, timely information and prioritized time on their very busy calendars for today’s conversation.

Coronavirus Q&A Opportunity for Employers Hosted by Vanderbilt Health

In response to multiple requests from employers, the Vanderbilt Health Employer Solutions team has organized a conference call with medical leaders from Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) and the Department of Health to answer your questions about the coronavirus. The call will be held this FRIDAY, MARCH 13 at noon.