Honing the Health of the Corporate Athlete

Executives, entrepreneurs and leaders of any industry are required to perform at high levels and meet demanding expectations. In such an environment, health is one of the first areas to be sacrificed—yet it’s even more important for these leaders to prioritize their well-being and act before a health issue emerges. 

With the help of the Vanderbilt Executive Health Physicals team, business leaders can increase their physical fitness, reverse negative habits and make significant strides in their journey to better health. The program accommodates the fast-paced schedules of business executives, entrepreneurs and entertainers who have little time to spare and need to remain in top health to perform, meet goals and motivate their teams.  

How the Program Works

A team of dedicated health care experts conduct an annual or one-time comprehensive medical assessment and physical that helps them catch any potential health issues before they become major problems for the patient. The personalized assessment also includes nutrition and fitness recommendations and resources to help individuals reach their health goals and prevent disease.

A bonus of Vanderbilt’s program? The clinic offers prompt appointments—you won’t undergo a long wait for an appointment like at some facilities.

Two Options for Getting Started

Executive Health Physicals offers flexibility in signing on to the program, which is available to anyone. An organization can select a group pay option, purchasing for a block of physicals for their executives to activate, or individuals can choose to sign up with a private pay option.

Learn more about the program, meet the team and discover what to expect at your visit in this digital brochure. The brochure links to wellness videos on topics such as how to overcome bad habits and manage stress and anxiety.

For more information on how to put Executive Health Physicals to work for your company, call (615) 343–1163.  It’s easy to book a pre-visit consultation phone call online using this booking page.