Back to Work, With Safety as Our Cornerstone

As our region begins reopening businesses and making a transition to a new normal in the midst of coronavirus, the Vanderbilt Health Employer Solutions team continues to share guidance to help employers keep safety top of mind. Our new blog has steadily added resources to help our employer partners create policies that protect employees, strengthen their mental health, ensure safe distancing and more.

We’ve provided recommendations on:

• boosting mental and physical resiliency

taking care of employees at higher risk of complications

• managing a remote workforce and keeping employees healthy at home

• overcoming mental health challenges employees may be facing, and

developing a return-to-work plan, including tips on enhancing communication and

creativity with virtual teams

On May 7, the Employer Solutions team hosted a live Q&A webinar with David Aronoff, MD, Addison B. Scoville Chair in Medicine and Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He answered questions targeted to ensuring reestablished businesses remain a healthy work environment. (Find a video of that webinar and a transcript here.) And don’t miss our previous Q&A with Dr. Aronoff, where he clearly defines antibody tests—what they can and can’t do.