Executive Health Physicals Program Delivers Same-day Results, Long-term Support  

This is the perfect time of year to talk to a health care provider about getting in shape for spring and summer activities. However, carving out time for a yearly check-up can be difficult for busy executives in your organization. The Vanderbilt Executive Health Physicals (EHP) program eliminates long wait times and extra appointments by making exams more efficient. It gives you all the information you need in a single session. Here’s how it works:   

  • Participants in the EHP program arrive fasting so providers can get a blood draw and labs at the beginning of the appointment.   

  • The appointment proceeds with a treadmill test, fitness evaluation and a physical exam during which the physician can review lab results on the spot.   

  • By the end of the appointment, patients have their lab results and a care plan ready to initiate if necessary.   

  • After the physical, patients receive 12 months of health coaching to ensure they stay on track to healthier outcomes. 

EHP physicians spend as much time as needed with patients to ensure they feel comfortable, informed and confident about their health. The team of physicians, nurses, exercise physiologists and dietitians work together to ensure there are no gaps in care, and they can quickly refer patients to top Vanderbilt specialists as necessary.  

If you're interested in cutting down wait times and getting comprehensive care for your executives, the EHP program offers blocks of exams to cover your entire leadership team. Learn more by calling (615) 343-9557, emailing employersolutions@vumc.org or visiting our website.