What We're Listening to: CJ Stimson on Transformative Change in Health Care

In a recent episode of "DNA: Discoveries in Action" podcast, Vanderbilt Health experts discuss the transformative potential of innovation to meet the changing needs and expectations of patients—and improve their lives. CJ Stimson, MD, JD, senior vice president for value transformation, talked about how Vanderbilt Health has developed bundled payment models that place value on the outcome of care rather than individual acts of care.

His team has almost 10 years of successful pilots that prove the concept works, but scaling the model and translating it across other health systems is the next milestone.

“We have to first understand the problem ... and I have to understand the challenges that are facing our patients. Where are their struggles? What are the challenges facing their employers ... as the largest payer of their health care?” Stimson said.

Listen to the episode and download the transcript on this site.