What Bundles Can Do for Employers: Webinar Unlocks Benefits of the Innovative Payment Model

The COVID-19 pandemic has escalated the need for transparency and predictability in healthcare costs. How do bundles move healthcare toward a future where predictable costs and better patient outcomes become the norm? How can bundles enhance an employer’s benefits package today?

Answering these and other questions about the bundled payment model was the focus of a Vanderbilt Health webinar on Oct. 15. The Vanderbilt Health Employer Solutions team discussed how to put healthcare innovation in action for organizations through provider-led bundled payments.

Dr. C.J. Stimson, a practicing cancer surgeon who has led bundled payment policy development at Medicare and at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, traced the arc of the contemporary bundled payment narrative. He explained its origins within Medicare and the move toward direct-to-employer models that enable healthcare purchasers to take back control of benefit costs and develop a closer relationship with the healthcare providers caring for their employees.

Highlights of the webinar included:

  • Insight into how bundled payments were developed for both Medicare and Nashville-area employers
  • Benefits and risks of the bundled payment model
  • The flexibility of Vanderbilt's MyHealth Bundles model
  • The outlook for bundled payments nationwide
  • Guidance on how an employer can implement this model within their own health plan

View the entire webinar via the video below.