Webinar to Unlock Data Backing the Benefit of MyHealth Bundles

Finding cost-effective healthcare benefits that improve health outcomes while lowering out-of-pocket costs for employees can feel like an overwhelming search for every employer. Vanderbilt Health Employer Solutions comes to the rescue in a free new webinar geared to brokers, “Beyond Benefits: Bundle Up Savings and Satisfaction,” on Thursday, March 11 from 12 to 1 p.m.

Vanderbilt Health’s MyHealth Bundles program has been making headlines the past year for its streamlined payment model and enhanced patient experience. The webinar will showcase real data and the latest results on how the program lowers costs and improves health outcomes, even for some of the costliest health conditions. CJ Stimson, MD, JD, Senior Vice President of Value Transformation at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, will lead the discussion on the model’s built-in efficiencies and explain how the transparent, predictable pricing structure benefits employers and employees alike.

“The bundle … brings all the people who are involved in that treatment together in one payment. It creates an incentive for all of us to work together, to create the best possible scenario,” Dr. Stimson told the Nashville Post.

The MyHealth Bundles program now offers bundles focused on maternity care, cochlear implants, spine surgery, hip and knee surgery, and surgical weight loss—with more on the horizon. Patient navigators dedicated to each bundle answer questions, coordinate scheduling and billing, and provide educational resources for patients—all leading to an enhanced care experience.

Whether an employee needs a joint replaced or are looking to expand their family, MyHealth Bundles provide comprehensive, personalized care at more predictable costs. Register for the webinar to learn more.