Vanderbilt's Nicotine Treatment Program Now Open to Employers

Many people make resolutions to stop smoking, vaping or dipping, but it's hard to make such a difficult change without a plan and dedicated support. Vanderbilt's Nicotine Treatment Program is the plan that your employees have been looking for to help them quit tobacco for good.

The program uses a combination of expert support, a clinically designed handbook and virtual support groups to keep participants focused over an intensive six-week period. After the six weeks are over, individualized follow-up sessions are offered regularly for up to a year.

Though newly available as an Employer Solutions offering, the program already has a long track record of keeping people healthy and productive while reducing health care costs. Employees feel more valued because of access to the benefit, and employers appreciate the convenience and ease of implementation. Employees simply let their HR representative know they are interested in joining the program, and Vanderbilt takes it from there.

Learn more about the program at this link, and contact Employer Solutions at or call (615) 421-0112 to get started.