Vanderbilt Workers’ Compensation Division Eases Pain of Labor Shortage

Work-related accidents and illnesses have major consequences for employers and employees. While employees can be left with the physical and emotional effects of an injury, workers’ compensation claims are also stressful for employers.  

A 2018 National Council of Compensation Insurance (NCCI) study reported that work injuries cost employers more than $42,000 per claim on average. On top of that, workers’ comp claims don’t cover the indirect costs of a work-related injury, which can include overtime pay, new employee training, extra administrative work and lost productivity. 

By serving as a single point of access, Vanderbilt Corporate Health’s Workers’ Compensation Division helps employers navigate the system and get employees back to work faster—a vital service during the current labor shortage.  

"The workers’ compensation division is a one-stop shop for workers’ compensation claims," says Terry Horn, Administrative Director, Corporate Health Workers’ Compensation. “We schedule for 36 different clinics, serving as a single point of access for the employer, so they don’t have to call 36 different departments to get the information they need. Employers can obtain medical records, schedule appointments, talk to us about concerns and get information from physicians faster.”   

Vanderbilt’s Workers’ Compensation Specialists can:  

  •     Recommend the providers best suited to the needs of your injured employee 

  •     Schedule timely appointments and provide you with letters of confirmation 

  •     Coordinate free interpretation services for initial appointment 

  •     Obtain medical records, return to work questions, and impairment rating results 

  •     Follow-through with employers on all workers' compensation patients who use our emergency room and walk-in clinics 

  •     Initiate patient registration and assist with billing 

Vanderbilt Corporate Health’s Workers’ Compensation Division works with employers and employees in Davidson, Williamson, Wilson and other surrounding counties to provide workers’ comp care and resources. To reach Vanderbilt’s workers’ compensation division, call 1-888-869-6757 or (615) 936-6074. To learn more about setting up a return-to-work program, check out the Tennessee Bureau of Workers’ Compensation REWARD toolkit.