Vanderbilt Health Launches Cost Estimator Tool

The new Vanderbilt Health website now features an out-of-pocket cost estimator for many hospital and professional services offered by Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC). Patients type their desired health services or procedures into the new online tool, and it will immediate generate estimates on any out-of-pocket charges they will owe.

“There is significant frustration among consumers about costs and the lack of price transparency in health care. Committed to help address this issue, we have been able to accomplish an important goal of placing information about many out-of-pocket costs at the fingertips of patients and their families,” said Cecelia Moore, MHA, CPA, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer. “The price estimator tool empowers patients to make good decisions both clinically and financially,” echoed Heather Dunn, Vice President for VUMC Revenue Cycle Services and leader of the project.

Vanderbilt Health provides estimates of out-of-pocket costs in the following ways:

  • If you've scheduled a visit or procedure, we will give you an estimate in your My Health at Vanderbilt online account or by phone. 
  • If you are a patient, you can create estimates of out-of-pocket costs (for scheduled or not-yet scheduled visits) through your My Health at Vanderbilt account. This estimate will take into account your insurance coverage and any co-pays, co-insurance or deductibles you may owe. (Care you have received or paid for very recently may not be factored into the estimate.) 
  • If you are not yet a patient at Vanderbilt, you can create a “guest” estimate online. You will need to enter your insurance information. The accuracy of the estimate will depend on the accuracy of the information you enter.

Learn more and watch a video about the price estimator here.