The Value of Employee Testimonials in Building Vaccine Readiness

Business Group on Health recently hosted a series of conference calls for employers to share approaches to addressing COVID-19 vaccine communications. The COVID-19 Benchmarking Discussion Series uncovered just how powerful employee testimonials can be to encourage vaccination. A poll during the discussion discovered that 48% of participants plan to use first-hand accounts from leaders and employees who have been vaccinated. 

One employer plans to invite a vaccinated employee to share a testimonial in an upcoming webinar sponsored by the company’s internal Black Employees Employee Resource Group (ERG). Employers are also using their ERGs as testing grounds for reviewing communications for potential cultural blind spots and sensitivities before they are shared more widely. Business Group on Health members can access more of the discussion results here. It's free to register and become a member.

The COVID-19 vaccine video series from Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) features fellow Vanderbilt colleagues who have received the vaccine. Don’t miss this video of VUMC employee testimonials, and consider trying such a strategy for your company to encourage vaccinations.