Surgical and Medical Weight Loss Bundles Make Health Transformation Possible

Vanderbilt's MyWeightLossHealth Bundles were the focus of a recent educational webinar for Metro Nashville Public Schools employees. The presentation was led by Sabrina Poon, MD, MPH, Medical Director of VUMC's Episodes of Care office, and Rachel Harris, lead patient navigator working with the weight loss bundles.

Dr. Poon discussed the costs of obesity, which can cause 228 comorbidities affecting every organ system and medical specialty. She then outlined the numerous benefits of weight loss and the types of interventions available today, depending on the severity of the disease.

Harris took the floor to talk through the features of the MyWeightLoss Health Surgical Weight Loss and Medical Weight Loss bundles. She also discussed eligibility requirements of each bundle, details about enrollment, and the benefits of the concierge service available through the program's patient navigators.

Watch the webinar here.