Resources for All Ages to Boost Resiliency

To mark May as Mental Health Awareness Month, Employer Solutions has gathered resources and information to support employees and family members who may need mental health support. See below for information on Vanderbilt Total Health (VTH)'s educational sessions focused on mental health as well as links to a podcast series, webinars and articles that you can share with your workforce.

VTH’s educational events for employers. These events—whether in-person or virtual—can be tailored to your workforce’s health needs. Recent sessions have covered psychological safety, stress management and how leaders can strengthen the mental health of their teams. Learn more here.

Podcast series on mental health. Earlier this year, the miniVHAN podcast released a four-episode series on “Mental Health Through the Lifespan.” Episodes cover grief, trauma, neurodiversity, and anxiety and depression. You can listen to all of them here

Well moment webinars. The Well Moment patient and family webinar series from the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network features health and wellness experts speaking on current trends and offering guidance for healthier, happier living. The webinars are free and open to the public.

In a Well Moment devoted to Mental Health Support for Pregnant and Postpartum Women, three behavioral and women's health experts explore ways women can recognize and cope with pregnancy-related depression and anxiety. These experts also share how to manage previously diagnosed behavioral health conditions while pregnant, as well as ways that family and friends can recognize potential issues immediately before and after birth and offer support to mothers. The webinar also discusses treatment and recovery for maternal addiction issues. 

Other Well Moment webinars address child and adolescent anxiety and depression, cyberbullying, and seasonal depression:


Articles on behavioral health topics. Employer Solutions has pulled some relevant articles from My Vanderbilt Health, which offers guidance on healthy living from health care experts. Feel free to shared these messages in your company newsletter or other employee communications.

  • General

How to Find the Best Fit in a Therapist 

  • Depression and Anxiety 

What to know about teen anxiety
Recognizing the warning signs for teen suicide 
How social media affects kids' mental health
Antidepressants for teens and children: what to know
Depression in older adults: Research shows promise 
Talking with your child about their mental health
How to talk to your teen about suicidal thoughts
Teens and Mental Health, Part 1: Who to talk to (and how to ask for help)
Teens and Mental Health, Part 2: Helping a friend who is struggling
Teens and Mental Health, Part 3: Do depression and anxiety go away? 

  • Neurodiversity/ADHD 

Why ADHD sometimes isn’t diagnosed until adulthood
Symptoms of ADHD in adults: Learn to spot the signs 

  • Trauma 

Processing trauma, and your body’s response to it
When to seek mental health help for your child after a traumatic event
How children react to traumatic events (and how it might change over time)
How communities help children heal from traumatic events 

  • Grief 

Don’t sweep feelings of grief under the rug
Using art to celebrate life