Overcoming Substance Use Disorder With the MyRecoveryHealth Bundle

If you struggle with substance use, you’re not alone. About 40 million (roughly 1 in 7) Americans above the age of 12 have a problem with substance use. This makes substance use disorder (SUD) twice as prevalent as heart conditions, diabetes, or cancer.

SUD can be effectively treated, but many people don’t seek help. In fact, only 10% of those wrestling with SUD receive appropriate treatment.

In some cases, individuals don’t realize they have an issue. Sometimes they aren’t looking for a change. In other scenarios, they’re concerned about their privacy and worry that seeking treatment will jeopardize their job or relationships. And many people don’t know where to turn for recovery. If left untreated, addiction eventually can negatively impact every aspect of life—including work, relationships, finances, physical, and mental health.

Realizing it was time to rethink the process of engaging patients in treatment, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) addiction psychiatrists, recovery experts, and other health care providers collaborated to create the MyRecoveryHealth Bundle—a private, effective, and compassionate way to treat SUD.

MyRecoveryHealth includes support for opioid use disorder (OUD) as well as other substance use disorders, which could involve alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, methamphetamine and other stimulants, sedatives, hallucinogens, inhalants, and other psychoactive substances.  Watch a recorded webinar on MyRecoveryHealth here.

Participants in the program will be under the care of Vanderbilt’s nationally renowned addiction experts with the highest level of privacy. “When someone turns to us for help, our goal is to remove stigma and judgment from the equation,” said David Marcovitz, MD, Director of the Division of Addiction Psychiatry at VUMC. “It’s important to understand there is no wrong doorway to recovery. If you are interested in help, our program can work for you.”

The MyRecoveryHealth bundle delivers a personalized care journey for the patient and support for their loved ones. “This bundle provides the right level of care to each individual according to personal need,” said Sabrina Poon, MD, Medical Director for Population Health at VUMC. “This is a unique approach to recovery. It offers complete confidentiality, comprehensive support and a truly personalized care plan.”

Here’s how MyRecoveryHealth works.

  1. A dedicated patient navigator will confirm eligibility and guide participants along their journey.
  2. Based on an initial evaluation, participants can be referred to Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital for urgent, inpatient support, or to specific outpatient support.
  3. Participants will complete an initial round of care. Levels include an intensive 20-day outpatient program; an intermediate, weekly treatment program; and a limited treatment, monthly outpatient program.  The provider and patient will share in the decision-making process to determine the appropriate level of care.
  4. Upon completion of assigned program, participants will be evaluated to determine the most appropriate next steps. This could include a repeat of a previous program or a step down to less intensive support.
  5. At the one-year mark, participants will exit the bundle, unless a clinical evaluation suggests they should re-enroll. To help sustain success, individuals are connected to community resources.

Interested in learning more about MyRecoveryHealth? Click here or watch a recorded webinar here.