NEW WEBINAR RECORDING: Ways to Handle Tough Customers and Cope in a Tense Era

A recording of yesterday's Good to Go webinar, “Managing Pandemic Fatigue and Stress," is now available at this link.

The webinar provided information and training for leaders to manage and recognize the signs of stress in their employees and offered strategies for improving mental wellness. It featured Jon Ebert, PsyD, a licensed clinical psychologist at Vanderbilt Health with extensive expertise in the treatment of those affected by traumatic stress and mental health challenges.

Dr. Ebert also discussed helpful ways to de-escalate hostile interactions. One way to start is by learning what types of interactions typically push our buttons. By anticipating those irritating times, which he dubs "shark moments" after the iconic music from the music "Jaws," you can put in place coping tools, such as taking deep breaths, moving away from the situation or calling for backup from colleagues. When we can anticipate these "shark music" moments, he says, we can have more control of them. 

Good to Go is a hospitality safety program created by the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp, in cooperation with Vanderbilt Health, Ryman Hospitality Properties and SERVPRO, to help businesses in every industry implement health and safety guidelines. The program has helped area employers pave the way toward a healthy rebound for Nashville.