Kidney Stone Treatment and Substance Abuse Disorders Bundles Launch in 2023

The MyHealth Bundles program expanded Jan. 1, 2023, with even more streamlined, convenient care that saves money for employees and employers alike. The program “bundles” everything patients need to manage common and complex health conditions and provides personalized support through a patient navigator—all with low to no out-of-pocket costs:

  • MyMaternityHealth — prenatal and postnatal care
  • MyHearingHealth — cochlear implant surgery for severe hearing loss
  • MySpineHealth — select spine surgerie
  • MyOrthoHealth — treatment and surgical options for hip, knee and shoulder pai
  • MyWeightLossHealth — medical and surgical weight loss

The following bundles debuted on January 1:

  • MyUrologyHealth — kidney stone treatment and prevention
  • MyRecoveryHealth — support for substance use disorder

Watch the video below to learn more, and visit the MyHealth Bundles website to see features and benefits.