How Well-being Benefits Boost Retention and Attract Talent

A report from J.P. Morgan indicates that the U.S. labor market is tight, with low rates of unemployment and fewer available workers to fill jobs. As a result, many employers are looking for ways to increase retention and attract top talent, and new surveys show that well-being benefits are particularly attractive to a growing number of employees.

While many employers have increased their investment in benefits that address whole-person health, the Conference Board’s Next Frontier of Well-Being report indicates that employee-reported levels of well-being have flatlined. According to surveys in the report, most U.S. employees reported similar or lower well-being levels than six months ago. The report also found that a large majority of U.S. employees believe their employer is at least partially responsible for their well-being. As such, HR leaders may need a new approach to boost happiness and satisfaction in the workplace.

Case in point: 47% of job seekers list company culture as their top priority when looking for a role—and benefits that support whole-person health can be a huge part of that. Employees put health and wellness at the top of their list when choosing to stay at their current position or determine where to go next. Surveys have found that the option for remote work, parental leave and flexibility for families, and a company culture that fosters trust and camaraderie can be deciding factors for employees looking for better opportunities.

If you’re recruiting new talent or looking to retain your current staff, it might be time to re-evaluate your benefits and culture to place a greater emphasis on whole-person health.

How MNPS Invests in Whole-Person Health

Vanderbilt Total Health is one way Tennessee employers such as Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) are investing in the health of their employees. The high-touch, nurse-navigated model supports the physical, mental and spiritual health of MNPS teachers and their dependents to place a greater emphasis on whole-person health.


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