How Investments in Executive Physicals Pay Off

Executive health physicals can not only boost the health of your company’s top management, but your bottom line, too.

A three-year study conducted for BankOne identified the measurable benefits of its executive physicals program.

  • Executives who participated in the program incurred 17% fewer dollars in medical claims than peers who did not participate.
  • They also had 31% fewer short-term disability days per year.
  • In all, the bank realized a 2.3 to 1 return on investment in the program.

A similar study by the University of Michigan found that executives who participated in executive health programs submitted 20% fewer health claims and missed 45% fewer workdays.

Boosting Executive Performance

A good executive physical program can help keep your top performers healthy and productive. Patients lose weight, lower their blood pressure and increase their stamina. And physical exams also can identify problems like cancer and heart disease early before they become serious and costly not only to themselves but to your organization as well.

Choose Vanderbilt Executive Health Physicals

We offer one of the top executive physical programs in the country, backed by world-class care from Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Accommodating business executives, entrepreneurs and entertainers, our services are tailored to each patient’s age, gender, medical history and health goals. Our physicians perform all necessary tests in one visit, so leaders can quickly get back to their regular routine. And our secure online portal allows them to contact their care team 24/7, schedule appointments, manage medications and access their medical records.

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The Vanderbilt Executive Health Physicals program offers blocks of exams to cover your entire leadership team. Learn more by calling (615) 343-9557, emailing or visiting the web page.