At-Home Screening Kits Help Employees Stay Healthy From Anywhere

On-site health screenings have traditionally been employers’ go-to solution for keeping their workforce healthy, but what about remote and hybrid employees? Vanderbilt Health has now added at-home screening kits to its on-site health offerings to ensure all employees get the preventive care they need, regardless of location.

Preventive health screenings can help employees detect health risks early before they turn into costly and chronic conditions. Yet many screening processes are costly and inaccessible. These new kits bring a patient-friendly experience to biometric health screenings, with patented technology that pairs a mobile app with FDA-cleared devices.  

“With so many businesses now offering remote and hybrid positions, it’s essential that our programs include options for engaging workers near and far in their health,” said Brent McDonald, Senior Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer for the Vanderbilt Office of Population Health.

Like in-person screening events, if an at-home screening indicates concerning results, Vanderbilt Health coaches are available to answer employees’ questions and help them with follow-up care. Employees who collect at home will see their individual screenings results in the mobile app immediately upon completion of the screening.

Employers benefit from workforce-level reports with aggregated results, which helps them identify and address population health risks.

Vanderbilt Health Employer Solutions (VHES) has provided corporate health services, including on-site health screenings, to a diverse array of employers across the country for more than three decades. Email VHES at or call (615) 421–0112 to learn more about flexible health screening options for remote and hybrid workforces.

Read more about the service in this press release.