Four Ways to Boost Employee Retention During the Great Resignation 

The effects of the Great Resignation continue to permeate the workplace. Robert Half’s Job Optimism Survey indicates that 41% of workers are currently looking or plan to look for a new role in the second half of 2022. The top reasons for leaving their current workplace? Searching for a salary boost, advancement opportunities or relief from burnout.

Employers can prioritize employee retention by implementing the following four strategies.

Prioritize well-being management. After two-plus pandemic years, many employees are seeking ways to feel better physically, mentally and financially. Offering wellness perks such as stress management programs, wellness incentives, reimbursements for gym memberships or fitness classes, and financial planning services can give employees a good reason to stick with their current job.

Encourage healthy work-life balance. Developing firm boundaries between work and life is essential to job satisfaction. Encourage your employees to take vacations and protect their time outside of office hours. While an occasional late night may be necessary to complete big projects, in those instances consider compensating employees with comp time in the form of a long weekend or unexpected half-day of PTO—they’ve earned it.

Be flexible with work arrangements. While many companies are reopening their offices, some employees will prefer to work remotely, at least part of the time. If you don’t give employees the option to create a hybrid schedule that will work for their needs, it might cause them to find a more flexible employer. If remote work isn’t an option for your workplace, consider offering employees a shorter work week or flextime to entice them to stay.

Offer development opportunities. Employees shouldn’t have to leave your company to grow their skillset. Invest in your workers’ professional development by giving them time off to attend virtual workshops or in-person conferences, or reimbursing them for continuing education credits, certificate programs or tuition. Your employees will appreciate the opportunity to grow, and their advanced skills will help your business evolve, too.

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