Executive Health Physicals Enhance the Lives of Busy Leaders

Demanding careers and high performance expectations bring an increased risk of stress and health issues for executives—making it even more important for them to prioritize their health and well-being. With the help of the Vanderbilt Executive Health Physicals team, business leaders can increase their physical fitness, tackle stress and anxiety, reverse negative habits and make significant strides in their journey to better health. 

Here are success stories of three executives who have improved their health in tangible ways because of the program:

  • Jim’s plan with Executive Health helped him manage his obesity and hypothyroidism, lower his body fat, and improve strength and flexibility.
  • Malcom has taken advantage of his company's sponsorship of Executive Health to lower his blood pressure and lose excess body fat. He even picked up a new kayaking hobby to increase his fitness level and enjoy time with his family.
  • Through his work with the Executive Health team, Anthony lost more than 40 pounds and improved his cardiovascular endurance.

The program gives employees an annual or one-time comprehensive medical assessment and physical that helps them catch any potential health issues before they become major problems. The personalized assessment also includes nutrition and fitness recommendations and resources to propel individuals toward health goals and disease prevention.

Learn what to expect at your visit, and check out the following videos to learn more about the program:

For more information on how to put Executive Health Physicals to work for your company, call (615) 343–1163.

Executive Health Physicals helped Anthony lose more than 40 pounds and improved his cardiovascular endurance.