Donations Welcome at Vanderbilt Hospitals' Emergency Clothing Closets

On occasion, patients or their family members find themselves at Vanderbilt hospitals and in need of clothing or emergency supplies. Sometimes patients are transported after a trauma and have no clothing of their own to wear after discharge. Other times, a family member rushes to the hospital from far away and ends up staying several days.

The Clothes Closet at Vanderbilt University Hospital

Whatever the reason, the Clothes Closet assists with clothing needs for adult patients and adult family members of patients. The program is always in need of donations of clothing and shoes. The clothing (except for underwear) can be used but should be clean and not in need of repair. Here are specific needs:

For men: Sweatpants or athletic pants/shorts, shoes and flip flops (no dress shoes), long or short-sleeve T-shirts, button-down shirts (for patients with arm/shoulder injuries), jackets and coats.

For women: T-shirts (long or short sleeve), pants and leggings, shoes and flip flops (no dress shoes), jackets and coats. New underwear and socks for men and women and new bras for women are accepted. 

For more information or to arrange a donation drop-off, contact Kimberly Dunham at

Emergency Toiletry and Clothing Closet at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt

When a parent comes to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, they are focused on their child’s well-being. Oftentimes that means they forget essentials like toiletries and clothing for themselves. Fortunately, the Emergency Toiletry and Clothing Closet in the Family Resource Center (FRC) at Monroe Carell is ready to assist families in need.

“We provide clothing items for children and adults as well as toiletries, pacifiers, sippy cups, bottles and diapers,” said Sara Hanai, director of the FRC.

Adult-sized sweatpants, sweatshirts and undergarments are in high demand. Donations of new items are welcome. See the wish list at:

Items can also be purchased wherever a donor prefers. Call the FRC at (615) 936-2558 or email to arrange a drop-off.