Creating a Culture of Health for Your Workforce

Many employers have set a 2023 goal to strengthen the well-being of their employees and create a culture of health for their workplace. If that's a goal for your organization in 2023, Vanderbilt Health Employer Solutions can help.

Here are a few of resources we provide:

Lunch and Learns. Our team offers engaging and interactive wellness education in the form of lunch and learns to keep your workforce up to speed on the latest health and wellness topics while also encouraging the development of healthy habits. Several employers use these sessions as supplements to existing health and wellness programs, or simply as an added employee benefit. Click the link to find a list of common topics, but we can work with you to decide topics that are meaningful and relevant to your workforce.

Health Fairs, Immunization Events and Onsite Health Screenings. Vanderbilt Corporate Health and Wellness offers comprehensive and customized health screenings, immunization services, COVID-19 testing and vaccination services to improve the health of employees in Nashville and throughout Tennessee and the region. The team can also support your organization's own health fair as well as facilitate connections to key resources available within the Vanderbilt Health System and the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network.

Health and Wellness content. Vanderbilt's My Southern Health is updated daily with the latest mental and physical health insights, wellness trends, recipes and exercise tips. The blog offers research-based stories written in easily digestible ways for all audiences. Employers are free to share this content with their employees.

Well Moment. This quarterly webinar series gives patients and families a dedicated space to learn from and talk directly to health experts about important and pressing health and wellness issues. All webinars are free and open to the public. Click the link to see past topics and watch recordings of those presentations.

Vanderbilt Health's focus on prevention has proven popular with employees. Check out this video featuring the perspective of an employer partner and a happier, healthier employee.