Connect to Mental Health Resources From Vanderbilt Health

To help your employees feel supported during Mental Health Awareness Month and beyond, consider sharing videos from Vanderbilt Health experts aimed at lowering stress and increasing resiliency.

In one video, How to Be Happier Without Adding More to Your To-Do List, Vanderbilt Osher Center’s Michelle Foote-Pearce, LPC, MHSP, offers tips for practicing mindfulness and other coping strategies.

Another video, Finding and Nurturing Well-being, from Elizabeth Card, MSN, RN,  APRN, FNP-BC, CPAN, CCRP, FASPAN, research nurse practitioner in the Vanderbilt Department of Anesthesiology, is focused on helping nurses combat burnout and compassion fatigue. However, her presentation has implications for anyone with caregiving roles as well as anyone dealing with the physical and mental symptoms of overwork.

And in this Q&A with Abhi Saxena, MD, MBA, the former medical director of hospital services for Vanderbilt Behavioral Health discusses chronic stress and how to manage it. Though the presentation was created during one of the pandemic's earlier surges, it has helpful hints for overcoming anxiety during any time of heightened stress. You can watch Dr. Saxena’s presentation starting at minute 31:20 of this video.