From Big Idea to Big Impact: A Decade of Bundles

A decade ago, Vanderbilt Health saw that health care was shifting toward value-based care and decided to lead the charge for the bundled payment approach. The lessons from those early experiences were instrumental in the creation of MyHealth Bundles, an innovative, value-based program for managing some of the most prevalent and expensive health conditions.  

Our 2024 Impact Report tells the story of how Vanderbilt’s bundles program has provided an unprecedented care experience for more than 10,000 patients--8,000 since 2020 alone--and saved employers and employees more than $5 million.  

In the report, you’ll learn more about what sets our MyHealth Bundles model apart, including:   

  • Our physician-led design and implementation process   

  • An unparalleled patient experience, including wrap-around services that extend beyond an initial procedure   

  • How our program delivers impressive results in health outcomes and financial savings  

  • Why we’re willing to take on risk to fulfill the promises we make to employers  

  • Ways we’re continuously improving, including new tools that will minimize barriers through the sales cycle, such a pricing model with a set escalation rate and a price transparency tool to take the guesswork out of savings opportunities  

View the report here at and feel free to share with your network.

One of the architects of the MyMaternityHealth Bundle, Ronald Alvarez, MD, MBA, Chairman and Clinical Service Chief of VUMC Obstetrics and Gynecology, talks with Natalie Walker, MD, Instructor in VUMC Obstetrics & Gynecology.