Award-Winning VUMC Podcast Explores Mental Well-Being

Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s award-winning podcast, Vanderbilt Health DNA: Discoveries in Action (DNA), is back for its third season—this time, with Vanderbilt Health experts taking a closer look at mental health and exploring the relationship between the body and mind.

Every Monday in September, new episodes examining various aspects of mental health will be released on all podcast platforms and at

Episode 1, "Shapeshifters: Changing the Mental Health Story," discusses how mental health is influenced by our physical health as well as society and the natural world. The episode also includes a live conversation between experts and local teens as they discuss how we can break through mental health stigmas.

Episode 2, "Reading, Writing, and Anxiety" amplifies the voices of three pediatric and adolescent psychiatrists who see firsthand the increasing incidence of mental illness diagnosis in youth. They explore what parents need to know, and how the health care system should adapt.

Episode 3, "Surviving vs. Thriving: Social Determinants of Wellness," explores how our environment affects our health and well-being and what prevents us from bringing our whole selves to work, school and personal relationships. Experts weigh in on the question: Can you thrive if your mental and physical health aren’t in sync?

Read more about the new season in this article from the VUMC Reporter.

Season 3 of Vanderbilt Health's DNA podcast explores how the current watershed era of change impacts mental and physical wellbeing.